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Climate Control Storage

True climate control units feature temperature and humidity controls year-round, which means both heating and cooling capabilities to stay within a specific temperature range. Watch out for storage facilities that claim to have climate control, but only heat in the winter. Air Tight Storage offers TRUE climate control self storage for Columbia, Missouri. We keep your items at a steady temperature and humidity level 24/7/365.

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The temperature within our units stays at an average 70 degrees with optimum humidity. Each unit features an individual vent for heating and cooling. You can rent the following climate control unit sizes from us:


Extreme temperatures and humidity problems are the two biggest culprits of damaged items in storage.  Climate control self storage greatly reduces this risk by keeping your items in ideal conditions year-round.

Air Tight Storage is the leader in quality climate control storage for Columbia, MO. Our units feature:

  • Comfortable moving conditions—no sweating it out in the middle of August! With a climate control unit, enjoy air-conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter as you pack and stack your items.
  • High Quality Construction—All units feature sealed concrete floors, all steel construction, and are fully insulated.
  • Clean, well-maintained storage units—Air Tight Storage is constantly cleaning, maintaining and upgrading our units to keep them clean, welcoming and ready for move-in.
  • Ground level-access—both of our climate control buildings feature ground-level access with extra wide doors and aisles to make your move go as smoothly as possible.
  • Extra-wide aisles & extra-large doors—Getting that wrap-around couch into your unit is both possible and made easier by the wide clearance our buildings provide.
  • Complimentary moving carts are available in all our climate controlled buildings to help you get unpacked faster.
  • Secure—Cameras with 24/7 surveillance, a fenced facility, gated access and on-site manager ensure your belongings are safe.
  • Electronic gate access—Upon renting a unit, each customer receives an individual access code to our electronic gate. Gate access hours are 7:00am–9:00pm daily
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These features make a difference, especially for your items that may be sensitive to extreme temperatures or humidity levels. Examples of household items that are safer in climate control include:

  • Electronics
  • Photographs
  • Paintings
  • Antiques
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Leather furniture or clothing
  • Mattresses
  • Etc.

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